Advertisement Rate and Packages

Jingle Rates in Nu/Day Rates/Week
Ads/Announcement below 30 seconds 500 3500
Ads/Announcement above 30 seconds 650 4550
Ads/Announcement above 50 seconds 900 6300

All jingles will be aired 12 times a day in different time slot. For ads running beyond one week rates can be negotiated jointly.

This rate include ad for both English and Dzongkha

Program Sponsor Rate in Nu/Show Rates in Nu/Week
Existing Program (1hr show) 1000 7000

RJ will give short introductory about the company/sponsor at the beginning of the show. Short ad/mention will be inserted in between the show for at least 10 times. (Short ad will be complimentary with this package).

  • We can also package programs especially for you. You can consult with our RJ and marketing person for this. Rates will be decided depending on the program.

The above rate will be applicable for only one show either English or Dzongkha Program.

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